CTL Stories: Dude Wipes

Started in 2012 by some “Dudes” who lived together in Chicago, Dude Wipes has quickly grown as a retailer selling flushable wipes designed for men. In 2015, they were featured on the hit TV show Shark Tank and were funded by one of the sharks. Today, they are selling their products through various online and offline channels.


Dude Wipes was looking for a partner that could handle their online orders placed by consumers, as well as their offline “bulk” orders sold to big box retailers.

CTL Solution:

CTL provided the solution the Dudes were looking for and helped them go from fulfilling orders from their apartment, to shipping to multiple channels with multiple SKU’s on a daily basis.


As Dude Products grew, CTL was able to provide the tools to grow without restriction by handling the warehousing, order fulfillment, and shipping so they could focus on growing their brand. By partnering, they were able to add retailers requiring EDI-compliant fulfillment and take on new business that required specific packaging and shipping standards.