We provide the largest retailers and national brands with cutting edge logistics systems and solutions that help propel business strategies to market.

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Fulfillment Solutions

Seamless Fulfillment

Our solutions streamline your fulfillment needs across all channels you need. Our warehouse locations are strategically placed in Chicago to allow your products to get to customers quickly and affordably.

Multichannel (B2B + B2C)

CTL can help transform your Multichannel fulfillment operations to handle increasing requirements for speed, accuracy, and flexibility. Whether you're looking to expand to retail or simply convert inventory quickly, we can seamlessly integrate across all your channels.

Gain our expertise and access to resources that bring efficiency to your business. Every client has a custom fulfillment plan and is assigned an implementation manager.

Efficient Inventory Management
Fulfill Multiple Channels from same SKUs
Convert or Move Inventory Quickly
Expand to Retail Trading Partners
Pack Out to Specific Channels
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eCommerce (B2C)

At CTL, we are dedicated to making your customers our priority. e-Commerce is constantly changing. We have customized our solutions to enable you to not only meet the increasing demand but surpass your customers’ expectations. With CTL, you will have the agility and customization you need to excel in today’s competitive market.

Our comprehensive solutions are designed to streamline your fulfillment and elevate your brand. When you partner with us, you experience high-quality, customized fulfillment solutions leveraging industry-leading WMS to be agile in meeting your customer demands.  

Agile Inventory Management
Customized shipping solutions
Create Personalized Unboxing Experiences
Integrate with Top Name Shopping Carts
Inbound to Delivery
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Retail (B2B)

From Wholesale to Vendor Drop Shipping, we get your products into box stores. Leverage our expertise and resources to reach new customers whether you are entering the retail space for the first time or looking to optimize your current retail strategy. With our established relationships with major national retailers to navigating intricate routing guides across various companies, we offer expertise that can help you avoid or even eliminate chargebacks.

Our efficient Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) management seamlessly integrates with all EDI systems, ensuring smooth communication. Our Retail Compliance Manager will transform disconnected sales outlets into a cohesive network of collaborative partners, all dedicated to enhancing the customer experience.

Standardize Order Templates
Seamless Order Management
Expertise in all existing routing guides
Avoid or eliminate chargebacks
Maintain Retail Compliance
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Specialty Retail

We work directly with you to make sure your products are showcased flawlessly in retail environments. Our customized solutions include merchandising, sampling demos, repair maintenance, and new product store launches.

Gain access to an industry-leading WMS system and reliable fulfillment solutions. As Retail experts, you can count on us to handle your non-saleable and saleable inventory, allowing you to focus on the core of your business.

Sampling Demos
Repair Maintenance
New Product Store Launch
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Value Add Solutions

Leverage our warehousing and labor to increase both efficiency and create customized customer experiences. As well as allowing you to be quick to respond to your market demand with control over your kitting, assembly, co-packing, and rework.

Our value added solutions are built to give fast, efficient, and precise order building. We strive to reduce waste, improve the quality of execution, and give you the longest lead time.  Improve your customers’ overall satisfaction with custom kitting and packing.

From Bulk to Right Size
Cost & Time Saving
Reduce Waste
Improve the Efficiency & Quality of execution
Longest Lead Time
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Consumer Package Goods

Food & Beverage


Specialty Retail


You Can Count on Us

We provide a single source for complete business support. With us, it’s campaign management, reporting, printing, warehousing, data management, fulfillment

End-to-End Solution

All of our systems and processes have been constructed with our clients in mind. We provide a single source for complete business support for Fulfillment & Transportation Solutions.


By partnering with us, you’re able to leverage our existing vendor relationships, leading to savings in procuring generic goods, premiums, marketing collateral, packaging materials, and freight charges.

Technology Integration

Our technology seamlessly integrates with your systems allowing for control and visibility, including accounting, ERP, and WMS tools.

Experienced Team

Our highly skilled staff averages 15+ years of management experience, and we’re dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction.

Quality Assurance

We review all items leaving our facilities for accuracy, quality, and product integrity.


We provide unbeatably quick turnarounds, perfect for same or next-day delivery. To meet the most urgent timelines, rush service is available.