Retail Fulfillment

Retail Fulfillment Solutions

Pin Point Accuracy. Delivered.

As a leader in retail logistics, our flexibility allows us to provide integrated solutions for national and international brands of diverse sizes, complexities, and needs.

Direct-to-Store. Direct-to-Customer. Direct-to-Anywhere.

Wherever your small parts or palletized merchandise are going, you can count on us to manage, quality check, pack, label, and deliver on EDI requirements.

Our Master Carton Solution increases operational productivity and efficiency, significantly cutting down time, labor, and hassle through pre-arranged and pre-color coded techniques. Learn more about our Delivery Solutions

  1. Orders Collected from Retailers
  2. CTL Pick/Packs orders to Retailer Specifications with Master Carton Configuration
  3. CTL Ships Product to Retail Distribution Center
  4. All Data and Information supplied via EDI

Drop Ship

We streamline drop ship operations from one integration point in an environment that seamlessly connects inventory levels with data intelligence. This delivers a consistent brand experience from start-to-finish. Learn more about our eCommerce Capabilities

  1. Consumer Orders collected via Retailer Ecommerce
  2. Orders Submitted to CTL via EDI
  3. CTL Pick/Packs order to unique consumer order
  4. CTL ships product direct to consumer
  5. All Data and Information Supplied via EDI

Retail Events

Delivering the power of your brand. Seamlessly. That’s what our portfolio of fulfillment solutions is designed to do. We connect emerging technologies and proprietary tools to pull off complex product sampling at retail for some of the most admired brands in the world. Learn more about our Kitting & Assembly solutions

  1. National Promotion Launch for CPG or Brand for Retail Events, Merchandising or Sampling
  2. MSO sends CTL event details
  3. CTL produces/builds kits to support event
  4. CTL master cartons (when applicable) event kits
  5. CTL to ship kits to retail locations, scheduling arrival on the same day of the week for consistency to all locations
  6. Event to execute

Add On Services

  • EDI Compliance
  • Master Carton Solution
  • Asset Tracking Technology