Daniela Lozano

Vice President of Finance

Daniela Lozano leads the Finance Department at CTL Global. She is responsible for designing and driving CTL’s financial strategy and aligning it with the company’s objectives. Daniela oversees all financial planning, including accounting, reporting, payroll, purchasing, regulatory, and tax compliance.

As an experienced finance executive with over 30 years spent in both corporate finance and consulting roles, Daniela is versed in building high-efficiency teams and managing scalable projects, each requiring unique financial strategy and planning. In addition, Daniela has worked with numerous Fortune 100 clients.

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CTL continues to remain open for business to support our clients and their supply chain needs.


Although our warehouses are located in an area where the local government has instituted a Stay-At-Home Order or a closure of non-essential businesses, CTL employees have been classified by the state as essential workers (transportation and logistics). While so many Americans are required to work from home, the CTL team is continuing to work hard to meet the demands of our customers. That’s why we’re taking all the necessary precautions to make sure our employees remain safe in the workplace. We conduct daily temperature checks, supply masks and other personal protective equipment, and we make sure that proper social distancing is maintained throughout our warehouse and offices. All of these measures are important to ensure that our clients can meet consumer demand now and in the future.


To ensure that our employees are safe and our client-partners serviced, CTL continues to closely monitor the latest reports from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19).